Law Firms

Law firms are often slow to adopt technological advances. Nextra’s solutions allow you to be more competitive in the evolving legal industry and reduce the risk of data loss.

Nextra can help law firms get up to speed…and succeed. We help implement game-changing eDiscovery technology and sophisticated legal IT consulting.


Level the eDiscovery playing field. Nextra’s subscription-based managed services provide a secure, scalable solution that give you a cost effective and effective solution to the challenges of discovery in the digital world. Nextra eDiscovery professionals work with your law firm staff to provide:

  • Secure access to client documents via web-based tools.
  • Advanced technology such as email threading, clustering, concept-based analytics, and predictive coding.
  • Project management and document review services.
  • Technical assistance through all phases of discovery.

Information Security

Our team can help you develop comprehensive strategies to achieve practical technology policies that govern your processes and procedures effectively, reliably, and securely. Our approach is designed to help:

  • Ensure your law firm is meeting today’s regulatory compliance for your clients.
  • Confirm your business objectives are met through sound technical practices.
  • Educate your organization on identifying and handling security threats. Did you know that your own employees can be one of the biggest threats to your security?
  • Secure your firm’s assets from the growing list of cyber threats. The threats are growing and changing daily.

All these services are provided by qualified professionals at reasonable costs.

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