Information Governance

In this Information Age, the amount of information that we generate and have access to is exploding. Nextra works with our clients to manage information…risk…and cost.

Nextra Helps You Manage the Information Age

We develop policies, procedures, processes, and controls based on our vast experience, advanced technology and best practices. We help our clients to adhere to current and future regulatory, legal, environmental, and operational requirements. Nextra takes a holistic approach to customizing solutions that meet our client’s unique needs. Our goal is to mitigate corporate risk, secure data, minimize data storage costs, and reduce future litigation expense.

Nextra consults with clients about:

  • Data mapping
  • Protecting proprietary data following employee departures
  • Implementing information governance or retention policies
  • Litigation readiness
  • Contracts management
  • Migrating data to appropriate environments
  • Disposing of unnecessary data and information
  • Compliance solutions for HIPAA and sensitive information


When you need a bigger team…quickly.

Technology is a great force multiplier, but sometimes you just need a bigger team. Nextra has more than fifteen years of experience in delivering flexible and cost-effective review services to clients. Our review staffing services allow you to quickly scale up for large projects such as document review. The Nextra team can oversee review projects, perform quality control, and increase the speed at which you finish your project.

Nextra’s dedicated and veteran review professionals use a proven, process-driven approach to ensure excellence from start to finish. We also provide real value without sacrificing quality.

Nextra’s review teams have experience with:

  • Early case assessment
  • Internal investigations
  • Discovery
  • Regulatory and compliance due diligence needs

We combine sophisticated technology with dedicated review teams for projects of any magnitude. Nextra professionals design and execute customized workflows and quality control mechanisms to ensure defensibility.

Litigation Support Staff and Tools

Nextra also provides litigation support staff trained in the latest trial and litigation support tools. Nextra can assist with trial, mediation, motion, and hearing needs such as creation of complex demonstrative exhibits, audio and video editing, and digital evidence presentation.

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