Computer Forensics

Are you complying with your duty to preserve evidence? Would the burden of an expansive discovery request cripple your operations? Nextra’s Computer Forensics services can help.

Data storage is cheap…until you are sued.


Nextra can help you locate potentially relevant information that you are required to preserve and possibly disclose in a pending or prospective legal matter. Nextra explores the accessibility of various data sources where potentially relevant data may be stored, including:

  • databases
  • document management systems
  • enterprise shared drives
  • file or email servers
  • cloud accounts
  • computer workstations
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • Smartphones
  • cell phones
  • external media (e.g., external hard drives, thumb drives, CDs/DVDs, etc.)
  • backup systems…and more.


We help you evaluate the content. What is required to be preserved (or should be)? What should be purged? Yes, storage is inexpensive; and purging takes time and effort, so many companies find it easier to just keep everything. Everything. But if a lawsuit is filed against your company, the cost – and risk – of having kept everything can be overwhelming.


After you know what you need, Nextra physically acquires electronic data using methodologies that meet evidentiary requirements with respect to authentication and chain-of-custody. We ensure that all potentially responsive information is collected using a defensible process and protected for future access. We collect data from any number of electronic sources such as social media, smartphones, personal computers, shared drives, or servers, etc. Forensic analysis can also recover deleted documents, emails, or text messages.


Nextra assists clients with investigations involving computers and electronic devices. We have successfully recovered deleted files, emails, and even text messages. With so much work product and corporate communication taking place from cellular devices, you cannot afford to exclude them from your investigation.

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