Case Studies

The Text Chronicles

The Challenge

Nextra’s client was weighing a potential employment case that centered on the digital behavior of their employees prior to termination. Before proceeding with an expensive litigation dispute, they needed an early assessment to evaluate the merits of this potential lawsuit. Much of the information the client needed was in the text messages that had been deleted by employees, making it difficult to determine if confidential business information had been stolen.

The Solution

Nextra stepped in, rounded up mobile devices, and was able to recover more than 100,000 deleted messages that were then indexed for review. Key custodians of information were able to be identified, and their emails and documents were gathered. Ultimately, more than one million records required collection. With an eye towards cost savings and efficiency, we used early case analysis tools to identify patterns in emails and records, which reduced the number of documents in need of review to less than 50,000.

The Result

Nextra’s client was able to move the case forward. Utilizing our experience and management systems, they were able to recover key information, and did not have to pay a legion of attorneys to rifle through piles of irrelevant material. This saved the client time, money, and, most importantly, made the case worth litigating by reducing the cost to bring action.

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