Case Studies

Testing the Fortress

The Challenge

A leading manufacturer and international distributor of home décor products for professional trade and retail partners utilizes a user-friendly ecommerce site to offer their extensive portfolio of more than 15,000 products with same day shipping-as well as online educational resources. Since information security is a critical part of their business, the firm turned to Nextra to assess their information systems. The company invests in both innovation and technology to provide the highest level of customer services.

The Solution

Nextra’s team of IT professionals travelled to the company’s corporate headquarters in Gastonia, North Carolina to conduct the on-site evaluation. We installed a leading-edge network scanning appliance on the firm’s internal network to identify possible threats, such as viruses or malware that can be downloaded from a networked computer from the Internet or a USB stick.

The Nextra team also inspected the client’s facilities and conducted face-to-face interviews to collect technical and operational information. Nextra took this information and through its skilled analysis found that the firm had gaps between existing security controls and security industry best practices.

The Result

Based on the information and analysis, Nextra delivered a comprehensive security assessment report to our client that documented in detail the existing security gaps and recommendations to fix them.

Mitigating these gaps will save the company a significant amount of money that would have been spent if they had to recover costs from a security incident, such as a worm infection. Now, they have valuable insights that will allow them to develop a roadmap in continuing to secure their network so they save priceless time and resources that could have been susceptible to a breach. Most important, by allowing Nextra to show them how to safeguard their data, our client is assuring their customers that they care about their personal information and fully intend to safeguard their privacy.

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