Case Studies

Spring Cleaning

The Challenge

An international manufacturing client needed a new centralized document management system. They had recognized the need to replace their archaic and convoluted legacy operation, which comingled discovery and case documents.

The Solution

Nextra quickly assessed the situation and deployed our industry-leading Relativity environment to organize their existing records into an intuitive database where they could efficiently find and access their documents. We developed a streamlined workflow, which leveraged technology to minimize the manual review required. We removed duplicative and non-essential documents using search technology to identify patterns. Our team created a new environment to manage non-discoverable materials so that our client’s law firms could review prior depositions, trial transcripts, expert reports, and briefs. The outcome was a secure and cogent system for document organization.

The Result

The client was thrilled to have a new system that allowed its law firms to review prior depositions, trial transcripts, expert reports, and briefs quickly, easily and with greater accuracy. Nextra’s new review environment allowed the client to manage their documents from anywhere in the world. By deploying the very latest in search technology, they were able to eliminate duplication and unnecessary information, thereby reducing discovery costs by 50%. Furthermore, this new secure system ensured that the client could always keep track of its information and thus manage its risk.

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