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Internet of Things (IoT) Poses Information Governance Challenges

Information Governance

The Internet of Things (“IoT”) seems to impact every aspect of life. IoT generally refers to computing devices embedded in everyday objects that collect data. From thermostats to driver-assisted cars, innumerable devices collect, transmit, and store data today. IoT devices allow consumers to control alarm systems, door locks, kitchen appliances, thermostats, and lighting through mobile phones. Businesses use IoT across manufacturing, health care, automotive, agriculture, and energy industries. People wear all kinds of devices—watches, wristbands, shoes, clothing, etc. to monitor their health and fitness.

IoT certainly provides opportunities for improving processes in manufacturing, optimizing resource consumption, enhancing safety and health among others. For example, Barcelona successfully deployed technology to reduce water and energy resources–saving $37 million annually and creating 47,000 new jobs. Several businesses invented wearable devices to monitor insulin levels twenty-four hours a day.  Various manufacturing companies use technology devices to improve employee safety and reduce sick time.

Furthermore, the number of connected devices will likely increase over 50% in the next couple of years. The deluge of data and complexities of data management generated by connected devices pose interesting legal challenges. Consequently, it is critical that organizations across all industries develop information governance strategies now before becoming overwhelmed by the onslaught of data. Specifically, information security and privacy implications associated with using IoT are among the top concerns that organizations must address.

When it comes to IoT, organizations should consider:

  • Who owns the data and where is the data ultimately stored?
  • How is the organization protecting individual privacy rights?
  • What security measures prevent the inadvertent disclosures of data?
  • How will the organization respond to a security breach?
  • How is data managed within the organization’s retention policy?
  • Can the organization preserve and collect data in the event it becomes subject to discovery?
IoT Devices
Projected Growth of Internet of Things

Author: Rachael Anna

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